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Harming Your Dog's Natural Skin Barrier By Accident? Read this.

Groomer and George

You know that feeling of dry, cracked skin from using excessive amounts of hand sanitizer? Yeah, we do too. Keep that feeling in mind as you read on.  Fact or Fiction:  Do PH levels in a shampoo affect your dog’s skin and coat?  Our opinion: Yes, they can! PH is a scale that is used to determine the level of acidity or alkalinity in topical formulations (shampoo & skincare), in our bodies, and in the food we eat. Our bodies have various PH levels and your dog’s does too. This is important because when PH levels are out of sync,...

The Reason You Need to Use More Shampoo Sometimes Than Others

Groomer and George

It doesn't matter what your bathe-style is, dilution or straight application, what really matters when it comes to the amount of product you're going to use is type of water: hard or soft.  Fact or Fiction: Does the amount of shampoo you use depend on whether you have hard or soft water? Our opinion: Yes! Type of water makes all the difference in the amount of shampoo you use, and whether or not you really need a conditioner for your dog’s coat. If your water is ultra hard you are definitely going to want to use a conditioner because hard water...

Using a Heavily Fragranced Shampoo is Counterproductive for Your Smelly Dog

Groomer and George

Whether your dog is playing outdoors or is soaking up that indoor life, smelly can still be a thing. I.e. your short-haired, oiler skin prone fur baby whose coat traps dirt more easily and is smelly even when she or he is clean.  Fact or Fiction: My dog is unbearably stinky and the only solution is to use a heavily fragranced shampoo.  Just think about this for a minute:  If you have black mold in your home is spraying Febreze a true solution to getting rid of the black mold or does it just temporarily mask the smell?  If your...

Human Shampoo is for Humans. Dog Shampoo is for Dogs.

Groomer and George

Just like lemon meringue pie isn't the wisest recommendation as a nutrition source for your dog, human shampoo is not the best choice in source to clean your dog with.  Fact or Fiction:  It’s safe to use human shampoo on my dog Our opinion: Not safe. Human shampoo contains much stronger ingredients than dog shampoo. Why? Humans and dogs have very different pH levels. pH being the skin’s acid mantle/barrier of oils that protect the skin from environmental harm. When this pH barrier is disrupted your dog may experience flakey, dehydrated, inflamed skin due to the pH imbalance. This happens because...

Is Dog Dry Shampoo Actually a Good Alternative to Washing Your Dog?

Groomer and George

Welcome to your Monday Minute with Groomer And George!  Each week on Monday we will be sharing a little fact or fiction to support you making the best choices for your furry companions. Feel free to leave a comment below, say hello and ask any questions you may have! A super hot topic we’ve noticed is dry shampoo hence, today’s fact or fiction topic.  You know that feeling when your scalp is so itchy from product build-up and all you is a good scalp rub and a proper clean? That's what we're talking about.  Fact or Fiction: Dry shampoo is a...

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