Harming Your Dog's Natural Skin Barrier By Accident? Read this.

Harming Your Dog's Natural Skin Barrier By Accident? Read this.
You know that feeling of dry, cracked skin from using excessive amounts of hand sanitizer? Yeah, we do too. Keep that feeling in mind as you read on. 

Fact or Fiction:  Do PH levels in a shampoo affect your dog’s skin and coat? 

Our opinion: Yes, they can! PH is a scale that is used to determine the level of acidity or alkalinity in topical formulations (shampoo & skincare), in our bodies, and in the food we eat. Our bodies have various PH levels and your dog’s does too. This is important because when PH levels are out of sync, internal problems can occur. I.e. Health issues from the inside out. I.e. When using a shampoo for your dog that does not have the proper PH balance you can aggravate their skin. Goal = to not have the product you use on your dog permeate below the unprotected epidermal layers of their skin.

The epidermal layers are so important because they PROTECT that which is below those dermal layers. Dogs have an epidermal layer that is 8-10 cell layers thick. Humans have an epidermal layer that is 18-20 epidermal layers thick. 

When we interrupt a dog’s PH levels they don’t have the same defence they should hence serious skin problems can arise. 

Back to our own hands and hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is higher than our skin’s PH level and contains alcohol which is why we are all talking about dry hands for a good cause of fighting a virus! 

Our recommendation: Use products that have the proper PH balance. A dog’s PH is 7.5. Dish Soap for example can have a PH as high as 9.5, for context sake.  

Our solution: Choose any of Groomer and George’s shampoo or conditioner. Groomer and George’s base ingredient is made with something called structure water. Structured water helps to enhance the performance in our clean, non toxic ingredient products! All of our products are incredibly gentle and will not alter your dog’s PH level! 

Shop Groomer And George in Canada online or in boutique via one of our much loved Stockists.  Shop Groomer And George in the USA on www.chewy.com!


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