We've taken extra care to make sure that when your fur child is doing a little self-bathe (licking his or her body) they're not ingesting anything that will cause harm to their health (think: unpronounceable ingredients or preservatives). 

We've also ensured that your post-groom fluff is easy to create & maintain! AKA: not weighing down fur or coat whilst still nourishing and moisturizing skin. #theroyaltreatment

Home to 3 shampoos, 2 conditioners, and 1 spritz-spray (hello #JetSet pet) Groomer & George Organic Apothecary for Dogs prides ourselves on serving our clientele, friends and partners with top quality product formulated for coat and skin health utilizing ultra-clean ingredients that actually work.

We stand by our commitment to transparent disclosure of all ingredients used in our products. Preservative-free, our products have a 24-month shelf life once opened. Check out our FAQ, and Certifications & Standards for further details.