Spot Paw Wash or Full Spaw Routine? We've Got you!

Spot Paw Wash or Full Spaw Routine? We've Got you!

Just like us humans, our dogs don't always need the full monte in cleanse-care. You know what we mean, like the shower (for us) where we have in a hair mask, are exfoliating our entire existence, then when we hop out, are slathering our bodies head to toe in nourishing oils (our favorite is Agent Nateur), doing a lymphatic drainage with our De Le Heart wooden paddle, guasha-ing our face to get stimulate that blood flow, and the list goes on. You get it. My point: it takes TIME. We aren't having that shower everyday though. The same goes for our dogs. There will be times where they are ultra dirty and really require a double wash and deep cleanse, followed by a replenish of moisture to their skin barrier and to keep their coat and natural oils doing their thing; not only from a vanity perspective, but from a comfort and safety perspective. What do you think helps your dog's skin and coat from not roasting in the sun? Proper skin and coat maintenance. Back to our topic: a spot wash when that's all you need! 

When opting for a spot wash, we love a simple warm water lavender paw soak. Simply pour a quarter cap full of whatever Groomer And George shampoo you choose into a small shallow dish with warm water (we love lavender specifically for this), and soak/dunk/wash their paws just like you or I would if we were soaking our cuticles. Reminder that all of our shampoos are highly concentrated and can be diluted 17 parts water to 1 part shampoo. Dilution is not necessary, though it truly is fantastic in controlling how much product you use depending if you're doing a spot wash or a full bath.

It really is very simple to take a shallow dish to leave at the door for upon return if paws are super messy - to quickly clean them up. Additionally, if it's your dog's face that has taken a dive into a puddle, using a baby washcloth with a mixture of warm water and any of our shampoo will do the trick. The thing about Groomer And George's shampoo that is beneficial for a spot wash: it is ultra light in weight, easy to rinse (does not have a major lather, which would be annoying for a spot wash), and it is a gel-like serum to touch that is ultra nourishing, hydrating and non-irritating, especially our I'm Sensitive Unscented Dog & Cat Shampoo. Take it from one of our much loved clients.

From one of our clients, "Spring time is messy time around here. Melting snow, wet grass, mud puddles, etc. When our puppy gets into the yard, she is gets into everything. When she's done messing around, we have a messy, muddy, puppy. Instead of shampooing, I take a shortcut. I put a shot of "Stop And Smell Me" Lavender shampoo into the tub, run about two inches of water in it and get some bubbles going on. I have a one liter oval pitcher that I use to scoop the water up and pour it over Sicily, rubbing lightly as I pour. After she is clean, I drain the water and rinse her with fresh water. That is my way of doing a quick clean-up between shampooing and conditioning." - Derald 

While we have seem waterless products on the market to cleanse paws, we are more a fan of products you can wash off, for a number of reasons. Many dogs lick their paws a number of times throughout the day and as long as you're doing your best to minimize the toxic load they are ingestion, you're good to go. We aren't helicopter parents by any means, but when it comes to the food we feed our dogs (health from the inside out), and the grooming products we use on them (shampoo, conditioner and detangling & deodorizing spray), we are a little OCD with good cause :)

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