File Under: An Unsuspecting Superfood & Pre and Probiotics

File Under: An Unsuspecting Superfood & Pre and Probiotics

Crickets are popping up everywhere, from dog treats to food and toppers. Yes, you read that right.

What is this cricket-trend about anyway, and is it actually good for your dog?

Crickets are a superfood rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids and B12. Crickets are an IDEAL ALTERNATIVE for dogs who have allergies to fish, and therefore have allergies or sensitivities to standard Omega 3 fish oil. 

Crickets also support your pets gut health with pro and prebiotics. Probiotics are living organisms that restore gut flora. Prebiotics provide nourishment for the probiotics. 

Feeding your dog Crickets is good for the planet too! Animal sourced proteins are the most common use in pet foods. In fact, our pets consume more meat than humans worldwide. When meat is produced major emissions are released. Beef is a major cause of deforestation on our planet. 

By adding Crickets, we can all do a lot for our planet and our pets.


Photo Source: Fritude


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