Want Your Dog To Live Longer? Take It From This Harvard PhD

Want Your Dog To Live Longer? Take It From This Harvard PhD

Longtime followers of David Sinclair, PhD Scientist & Professor at Harvard Medical School, we saw the news today on a product for dogs that he and his brother have released, "Leap Years". 

David is a longtime researcher of longevity and is the author of the newly released book, "Lifespan" and to have his talent behind a longevity product for dogs, is an incredible thing! We had to share the news with you since we consider you FRIENDS! And friends tell friends about what's good, especially what's good for the health, happiness and longevity of your furry family members. 

In David's words, "My family LOVES animals! After years of research & a bunch of clinical trials, my brother Nick and I are proud to release our first companion animal supplement called Leap Years - a daily soft chew for dogs designed to increase vitality, engagement and overall life. Follow us at @leapyearsdog.

A clinical study in dogs showed a synergistic effect of the ingredients, which include a senolytic to help clear old zombie cells and a NAD booster to increase activity and fight aging. 

The soft chew proprietary blend has been tested in dogs for bioavailability and safety studies up to 30X the retail dosage. Just because your dog is getting on in year doesn't mean they have to feel old. 

Congrats to chief veterinarian Ginny Rentko, who ran Tufts vet school before joining us.

We can't wait to hear how your doggies like it.

Coming next: Leap Years for Cats!

Shop: www.leapyears.com"

Major congratulations to David and the entire team! We are so excited for this breakthrough and can't wait to connect with you personally on the topic. 

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