Why Organic Floral Water is Superior for Healing Skin

Why Organic Floral Water is Superior for Healing Skin

Today, we think you’ll easily relate to our topic: water!

Products are only as good as the quality of ingredients used to formulate them and the quality of water in each formula determines how well the product will perform and how healthy the product will be for your dog’s skin. 

You may have heard the terms structured water, mineral water, cellular water, micellar water, purified water, and spring water. Now think about the type of water you drink (filtered water, tap water, bottled water.) and the bodies of water you swim in (clean lake, polluted city water, etc.). Which water will have you feeling healthiest and the most safe from the inside out and outside in? Clean (not polluted) and energetically pure water.

Point: water-type matters. 

Fact or Fiction:  Is structured water superior to regular water (type unspecified) as a key ingredient in your dog shampoo? 

Our opinion: Yes! Structured water is the crown jewel ingredient in dog shampoo and conditioner, and with good reason. Structured water has similarities to water that hasn't been polluted (by our environment) and it also helps increase energy and cell function to ensure all ingredients it’s combined with performs at their maximum level. Think about structured water as the most optimal base to create a product with ~ just like making soup in your own kitchen, if the water is clean so is the product in outcome and so is the effect it has on whoever consumes it! 

Our recommendation: Be conscious when reading the label/ingredient list of the shampoo or conditioner you are choosing. If water is listed - be sure to know what kind of water is in the products you are bathing your dog with! Not all water-types are created equally. Groomer And George’s base ingredient is structured mineral water which is of the highest integrity. 

Our solution: All of Groomer And George’s products are made with structured water making them perfect choices for near all dog skin and coat types!


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