Fur Maintenance Tips for New Pet Parents

Fur Maintenance Tips for New Pet Parents

As a pet parent, you want the best for your furry family. Part of caring for your furry family member means providing them with regular baths and grooming. You know how good you feel once you are fresh and fancy after a shower or bath! - your dog feels the same. Clean is a real thing in feel good, in mood boost - and stating the obvious hygiene and health. But - if you’re new to being a pet parent, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to bathing, brushing and other grooming tasks. Not to worry! Groomer And George is here to help make those beginner steps easy and stress-free through educating you in all ways you may or may not be in the know about yet and through providing you with the best dog shampoo and conditioner that does double duty as skincare - hence why we call ourself apothecary. 

First up on the subject of grooming is bathing; our speciality! Let’s chat about choosing the right shampoo. One of the most important parts of grooming is shampooing. And when it comes to choosing the right product, there are several factors to consider. The first is ease of use — because let’s face it, no one wants a long bath time experience with their furry angel baby! When shopping around, look for shampoos that are easy to rinse away with one wash so bath time isn’t drawn out any longer than necessary.  Another factor is scent/fragrance — some dogs don’t like strong fragrances (irritates them) and thus they may squirm or not cooperate during the ritual of bath time if they don’t like the smell of your shampoo. Next up, look for products that are free from toxins and safe for both your pup and yourself — because you should never have to sacrifice safety for ease of use!  Fortunately, Groomer And George has got you covered on all fronts with their 100% organic, sustainable, cruelty-free dog shampoo and skincare solutions (we have a number of options) that makes bath time simple and fast — plus all of our products are naturally fragranced from source and smell great too! After a double wash (and rinse) of shampoo, we suggest one of our conditioners for dogs with medium to long coat types. 

The second step in grooming is selecting the right tools for the job — brushes and combs specifically designed for pets can help keep your pup looking clean and happy year-round. Look for tools made with rounded edges so they won’t irritate your pup’s skin while brushing or combing through tangles or mats (yes, even long-haired pups get knots!). Also look to invest in tools that work well on wet fur as well as dry fur — this way you can brush before or after bathing without damaging your dog’s coat in either situation. 

Getting out ahead of a bath (and successful grooming session): when it comes time to take care of those pesky knots or mats in your pet’s coat — be patient! These types of tangles can be uncomfortable or even painful if not brushed correctly (or worse yet brushed at all!). Be gentle but firm with brushing sessions so as not to cause discomfort but also ensure that all tangles are removed properly over time. Additionally, give lots of praise throughout each session — every pup needs a little love from time-to-time as well! We recommend Groomer And George’s Jet Set Pet Detangling & Deodorizing Spray to ensure de-matting and knot removal is as quick and painless as possible ~ plus the natural fragrance in refresh is a dream with notes of lavender, lime, sage and frankincense. 

We hope this intro of  tips and tools shared today helps everyone, and especially those just starting out on their puppy care journey so that they can effortlessly and joyfully take proper care of their pup's grooming needs without feeling overwhelmed by new tasks or uncertain about which products they need. Shop all shampoo and conditioner right here at Groomer And George's online shop or at one of our much-loved retail partners so you can begin confidently taking care of your pup today!


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