The Go-To For Itchy Skin

The Go-To For Itchy Skin

Does your furry baby have itchy skin? Is their fur looking lackluster, dull and lifeless? If so, it’s likely that your pup is in need of a good wash and rinse, and possible condition if they have a medium to long coat type!

Prior to choosing what type of dog shampoo and conditioner you'll use, we invite you to take a handful of factors into consideration - especially if your dog requires extra care for either dry or oily skin (or coat types). Just like you read the labels on the back of your food and make informed choices for your health, you don’t want to just grab any old bottle of shampoo off the shelf at the store. You want to make sure your pup is adored with the best ingredients around, so they can feel (and look!) their best from the inside out, including care of their largest organ: their skin and the crown they wear: their coat. 

Groomer And George’s ethos is protecting our pets and our planets, while being a high performance product that gets the job done while making you feel like you’re at the spa. And - we know the importance of a feel-good moment that translates miles beyond the initial spa-action. Groomer And George’s expertise is in 100% organic & cruelty free shampoos that are tailored specifically to your pup’s skin type and coat type. Our ultra-soothing and beautifully fragranced Stop And Smell Me Lavender Shampoo is perfect for all fur types and normal to oily skin, as it contains organic floral water of lavender which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory with calming properties. Plus, chamomile provides antioxidants which help keep your pup’s skin healthy.

What sets Groomer And George (us!) apart from other dog shampoo formulations and companies is our commitment to ethical sourcing. All of our products are 100% organic and sustainable from start to finished product, ensuring there is no filler or irritants that could add further irritation to an already itchy pup. Our deodorizing formula helps keep your pup smelling fresh, along with being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and helping create a shiny coat - our Stop And Smell Me Lavender Shampoo truly has it all!

Not only does Groomer And George take care of our furry friends; we have the health of our oceans, soil, air and overall planet in mind. All bottles are made from recyclable materials so you can feel good about doing good for both your pup AND mother nature!

If you’re looking for high-quality pet grooming supplies that are tailored specifically for your pup - look no further than Groomer And George! With ethically sourced ingredients combined with an all-natural formula that is kind to both our furry friends AND the environment - this shampoo, conditioner that doubles as skincare has quickly become one of the top products on the market! So be sure to give this brand a try next time you’re looking for some luxurious pampering for your pooch!


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