Using Strongly Scented Dog Shampoo? Don't Skip Over This

Using Strongly Scented Dog Shampoo? Don't Skip Over This

Go ahead and by fancy AF with yourself and your furry angel babies (dogs) - we are right there with you! And - be mindful when choosing a fragranced pet shampoo.

When it comes to caring for your beloved pup, there’s no such thing as ‘too much care’. Dogs need proper grooming and bathing in order to stay healthy and hygienic, but it’s also important to be conscious of the products we use on our furry family members. Many dog parents don't realize that using stronger fragranced shampoo (harsher chemical compounds) on their dog can be detrimental to their health, both physically and mentally. That's why using a naturally fragranced from source dog shampoo is so critical for your pup!

Dogs have an incredibly sensitive olfactory system that is much more powerful than humans. This means they are able to detect even the smallest amount of a fragrance with greater intensity than us. This heightened sensitivity leaves them susceptible to toxic ingredients or harsh chemical fragrances found in many common pet shampoos which can disrupt their endocrine system (and hormones) leading to unnecessary potential medical issues. When exposed to these kinds of ingredients, our pups may suffer from respiratory issues, skin irritations, or other adverse reactions. It’s important to note that all perfumes or scented items often contain synthetic chemicals or fragrances, which can lead to similar problems for our furry friends.

A word to the wise when shopping for safe and effective pet care: look at ingredients and the process used to create the product you are choosing for your furry family member. Oftentimes lesser quality ingredients may bring down the cost of the product you are choosing, but in turn increase potential harm to your pet. Groomer And George is incredibly mindful of all ingredients we source and the process in which all ingredients go through to translate into our finished, highly effective and safe product for you to use with confidence on your pup. 

This is why Groomer And George is the safest choice when it comes to caring for your dog during bath time! All of our products are made with 100% organic, natural plant-based extracts and essential oils, giving your pup a naturally pleasant fragrance without any of the harmful side effects that come with harsher chemical-based shampoos. Try any one of our shampoo and conditioners: unscented, lavender and orange & oatmeal. The unique combination of natural ingredients and Dr. Emoto’s energetically charged water preservation process helps lock in moisture while providing protection against environmental stresses such as dirt and pollution. Groomer And George has also taken extra measures in making sure our formulas are hypoallergenic and safe for use on sensitive skin--so you can trust that you’re giving your pup nothing but the best!

Next time you reach for a bottle of pet shampoo for bath time, remember the importance of using a naturally fragranced from source dog shampoo like Groomer And George Organic Apothecary for Dogs! Not only will we keep your pup smelling fresh and clean without any toxins or harsh chemicals, but you can rest assured knowing you’re doing what’s best for their overall health and well-being!

Shop all of your favorites here and do not hesitate to reach out and ask us which combination of products will be best for your furry family member.







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