Minimize Inflammation, Combat Allergies and Create a Strong & Healthy Immune System

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You may or may not be familiar with feeding your dog “RAW”. 

We know, dogs don’t come with instructions and unless you have someone asking you thorough questions specific to your dogs needs and responding with an educated response as to what and how to feed them for optimal health benefits that extend well beyond breakfast, how would you know what to be feeding them otherwise? 

What does “feeding raw” really entail? 

On the most basic level, the raw diet is an ancestral diet made of whole prey animals including muscle meat, organs, bone and fruits and vegetables. Just writing out the word “organs” reminds us of when our grandparents used to eat the neck of a turkey! OY! Dogs aside, the generation of organ meat was a thing for humans.

Raw Diet Top Benefits Include: 

  • Promoting a much stronger, defensive immune system as it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. 
  • Fresher breath! This is a byproduct of less tartar build-up that happens with kibble.
  • Less stinky and smaller poops, as raw food does not contain fillers such as corn and ingredients difficult to pronounce. 
  • Minimizing or eliminating allergies! 

Even if you are feeding raw - we are still asking you to be a detective and read your labels as not all raw diets are created equal!

  • A note on reading labels: when reading a raw food label make sure the contents is at least 50 % muscle meat so that your dog gets adequate protein to meet the AAFCO nutritional standards. 
  • A note on protein breakdown: it is also important to ensure there is at least 10 % bone and 10 % organ meat. 
  • A note on adding fruits & veggies: some raw brands don’t have fruit or veggies so you will need to add it if they don’t to ensure your dog gets antioxidants and fibre. 

How to Make the Switch from Kibble or Freeze-dried to Raw

  • Start with an easy to digest protein such as Turkey or Chicken (as long as your dog does not have allergies).
  • A note on thawing and serving: add to cart stainless steel bowls! These stainless steel bowls are a necessary to thaw the food overnight in the fridge. 
  • A note on thawing from frozen state: You must never microwave raw dog food to thaw or cook it, as it contains bone and will harden, and your dog could choke. 
  • A note on freshness factor: raw food must never stay in the fridge for more than 3 days. 

Suggested Starter Feeding Routine

  • Step one: double check your dog’s weight if you don't already know it. Their weight determines their portion size. 
  • Step two: check with your raw food company website (or the package) for the feeding guideline. Puppies, active dogs, and dogs that are not spayed or neutered will require more food.
  • A note on initial feeding: feed your dog half of their kibble or canned meal in the morning. In the evening, feed half of the recommended raw amount and then continue the next day on to completely raw. 
  • A note on feeding over time: rotate proteins on a regular basis so that your dog gets the benefits from different amino acids. There is no need to slowly transition different proteins as you do with kibble or canned food. 
  • A note on serving size: keep an eye on your dog's weight; you may need to adjust accordingly. Your dog may lose weight as it will have less fillers on raw than with kibble or canned AND/OR, your dog may also drink less water as this diet contains more water. 

Most of all, expect your dog to have more energy and best of all live a healthier longer life! - and finish their bowl in lightning time! 

Please comment or email us for any questions regarding feeding raw as Candice is an expert and professional in this area!

For the BEST tips on feeding raw follow Doodle Dogs YYC on Instagram. They truly slay the game! And, we adore them. 

Photo source: one of our favourite humans and her 3 senior rescue children (and human child), Madison Rae, Founder of Tribeca Mom's Club who is a fashionista, healthy foodie & wellness advocate, Tracy Anderson devotee (so are we), New Yorker and so much more. Follow Madison here on IG


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