The Hype Around Organic Floral Water is REAL

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Does it matter what the base ingredient in your product is? Yes! Of course it does.
We get this question all the time: why do we use organic floral water of lavender vs using regular water (or an oil) as the base ingredient for our shampoo and conditioner. The short answer: organic floral water is ultra healing and moisturizing, and it allows our product to perform better than products that use less pure water or a heavy oil base. 
Two side notes to keep in mind on other possible base ingredients in your dog shampoo and conditioner before we dive deeper into things:
  1. Coconut oil as an ingredient once processed is no longer organic or non-toxic. This process is called saponification and is not a process we subscribe to. If you are finding your dog's coat is greasy or weighed down after your wash, it might be that the product you are using has an oil base that's tough to wash out. 
  2. The type of water in your products really matters. Quick example: not all drinking water tastes the same. Some water is cleaner and more pristine, and not all water is pure and free-of toxins. This means that not all drinking water and not all water your products are created out of are equal. Some products will in turn be higher performance, healthier and more effective based on the quality and combination of water and other ingredients used. When in doubt remind yourself that clean, mineral rich, pristine water is healthier for you for a reason: it's not plagued with toxins. 
It's not just the organic floral water that makes our dog shampoo and conditioner different. It's the form and process in which the water we form our products with exists. The water-type (form) and process we create our products with allows Groomer And George shampoo and conditioner a 24-month shelf life once opened without the need for toxic preservatives that traditionally help a product hold a shelf life. Read more on the form and process component to organic floral water here.  
Back to benefits of organic floral water:
  • It is ultra healing and hydrating given the floral components that lend their self to the pristine, energetically charged state and form our products are formulated in.
  • Improves natural moisture content and can restore skin elasticity over time.
  • Is an anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antibacterial.
  • Balances and soothes the skin and any possible irritation. Think: dryness, eczema, oil, often resulting from am imbalance in pH.
  • Aids the healing process to wounds, sores and cuts (open skin).
  • Supports regulating the pH of skin, detoxifies and purges toxins the skin may be hanging onto. 
  • May help wounds heal faster.
  • ***Regarding all of the above, always check with your veterinarian health professional. Groomer And George is a holistic approach to skin and coat health and is non-medicinal in nature. 


Just like you check the ingredient labels on your food products for caution and quality, remember to check the ingredient labels on your dog grooming products, and of course dog food, because health starts from the inside out. 


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