Why You Won't See Coconut Oil in Groomer And George Products

Why You Won't See Coconut Oil in Groomer And George Products

Coconut Oil is a saturated fat that is moisturizing and used in some shampoos as a lathering agent. To turn coconut oil into soap, a process called saponification is used. This is when an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide) is mixed with the oil.

Sodium hydroxide is what causes the burn when you get shampoo or soap in your eyes. Sodium hydroxide is also used in drain cleaners! When saponification (what occurs in the production process when using coconut oil) is found in natural soaps, we like to call that “green washing”, meaning it is not completely eco friendly. 

Groomer And George uses “Guar Gum” as our lathering agent. Guar Gum not only helps our product lather, but it conditions the skin & coat and creates a longer shelf life on our product. Guar Gum is extracted from Guar Beans and is a naturally occurring plant substance often used in products as a thickening agent - and is completely, 100% pet-safe and planet safe.

Not having an oil base is what makes Groomer And George shampoos weightless on all coat types without harming our pets and our planet. Search no further for your answer to a fluffy, shiny coat brought to you with product that is easy to lather and rinse ~ given our base ingredient of organic floral water of lavender that is pristine and energetically charged.


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