What Not Bathing Your Dog Between Grooming Appointments Causes

What Not Bathing Your Dog Between Grooming Appointments Causes

So you get your dog bathed at the groomer and don’t think you need to bathe your dog in between grooms at home? Think again!

As pet parents, naturally, we do not realize the irritation that comes with not bathing our dog in between grooming appointments because we aren’t the one’s experiencing the irritation! Think: itchiness from the elements, oiler skin because pores haven’t been cleansed, sneezing from ingesting contaminants from the elements through licking paws, etc. 

Groomer And George isn’t just about a fluffy, shiny coat. What we are about is preventing allergies, providing soothing, simple solutions and having your baby also feel as comfortable as possible! 

If you’re using the, “I go the groomer” card as reason to not have dog shampoo at home, our question is, “how are you keeping your dog clean in between grooms?!” 

Indeed it is a choice to acknowledge those filthy paws, and that dirty coat that's spent time rolling around in the dust and the dirt, not to mention possible heavy metals being picked up on paws from soil, the dog park, asphalt or roadways in general. Not only does dirt build-up on paws and skin in between grooming appointments (scheduled baths), but that dirt can clog pores and create a host of other issues. Not to mention: how would you feel if you only bathed once every 4 to 6 weeks?! 

Runny nose or sick puppy? Groomer And George is ultra safe to cleanse his or her face.

Out at the beach or camping in the wilderness and what to do? Using a name-brand cleanser to wash yourself and your pets in the elements will not be an option unless it's entirely planet friendly. Look no further as to what to keep on hand but Groomer And George ~ as we ARE pet and planet friendly and will not disrupt your pet’s endocrine system (hormones) nor will we disrupt the ecosystem. 

Made for you, your pets and our planet in mind ~ Groomer And Geroge is also safe as a body wash for human use. We may have been bathing with it in the ocean this summer after shvitzing in the heat!

Also to note: we were mindful from the inside out when creating Groomer And George; quality product and a beautiful design to ensure you wouldn't have to "stuff the bottle" under the counter in an aesthetically pleasing home-zone :)


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