Fact or Fiction: Using a Harsh Dish Soap Kills Fleas

Fact or Fiction: Using a Harsh Dish Soap Kills Fleas

MANY times we have heard that if your dog has fleas you can bathe them with a specific brand of chemical laden “cuts-through-grease” dish soap and this will solve the problem: fleas.

Fact of fiction? Fact. Yes this solves a partial and temporary need.

Another fact: harsh, chemical dish soap  is not only harsh on your dog’s skin (it will burn it), but it actually only kills the adult fleas by destroying their exoskeleton. 

Fleas have three life stages and hence washing them with a chemically harsh dish soap is only a temporary fix for a few days.  

Chemically harsh dish soap is also not PH balanced for your dogs skin and if they have sensitivities it will only irritate their skin further. Which equals MORE PROBLEMS. 

One of the best natural flea solutions and prevention products you can use is food grade Diatomaceous Earth. 

When we say food grade, this is the Diatomaceous Earth sold in pet stores not the one from your hardware store. Diatomaceous Earth will kill the exoskeleton of fleas in all stages. 

What’s to actually do to get rid of fleas in a lasting way? Wash your dog with Groomer and George Stop and Smell Me and apply the Diatomaceous Earth to your dog’s dry coat. Also cover Diatomaceous Earth on surfaces such as carpets, leave it for four days and vacuum. Important: you must treat areas that could have eggs on it! 

P.S. Dish soap is called dish soap because it is for dishes not dogs :D

P.S.S. The angel in this photo washing the dog for sure is sensibly, ethically and safely washing her bulldog! We just know it. 




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