Cues & Clues Into Your Dog's Love Language (pt 2)

Cues & Clues Into Your Dog's Love Language (pt 2)

Our furry babies are family, and like humans, dogs have their ways of expressing love. This said, it is essential to understand your dog's love languages. Just as it is essential to know what makes your partner or one of your friends feel loved (showing love in the love language of the receiver), it is also vital to understand what makes your dog tick. Read on as we share more in depth on the five love languages that dogs use to express their love, and how you can identify which love language your furry friend speaks!

Does your dog love to curl up next to you, lay on your chest, use you as human body pillow and get those belly rubs in? If so, their love language is most likely physical touch. These dogs are not shy about their love for sharing hugs and kisses, and they very much express their love through physical attention. They will show their affection by snuggling up against you or even giving you big kisses when you're not looking. They are the type of dogs that will sit by the door waiting for you to come home just so they can be in your arms. And we love them for this!

If your pup follows you everywhere around the house (think: lays on the bathmat, and follows you to the bathroom) or if they can't stand to be separated from you, they are likely expressing love through quality time. These dogs want to be with you at every moment possible and they thrive on companionship. They will be happiest when they can be in your presence, sharing activities like walks, going on car rides, playing or just laying around. They see spending time with you as the ultimate expression of your love.

Interestingly, for some dogs, words of affirmation are the way to their hearts. These dogs are the ones who light up when they hear their name and receive verbal praise from you. Their love language involves direct language, and they respond accordingly when they receive positivity from you. They need to hear loving words from you to feel their bond is strong, and they will repay you by responding positively to your praise and love.

Some dogs feel loved through acts of service. They are the ones happily following your commands and doing what you ask for faithfully. These dogs want to help you and be part of your routines in their way. They may bring you their toys, a chewed piece of corn on the cob (we've had that happen, picked out of the recycling)! or help you with tasks like carrying groceries inside. They see doing these things as a way to show their love and loyalty.

Finally, receiving gifts is another love language that some dogs have! These dogs love to receive treats, toys or any other item that will make them feel special. They see these items as an extension of your love for them, and they will take full advantage of it. You'll know if your dog has this love language when they react positively to the treats or toys you give them, showing their love in return.

Understanding your dog's love language is essential for building a strong bond and a healthy relationship. By figuring out what makes your dog feel loved, you can cater to their needs better and make them feel appreciated. It can also help you communicate better with your dog, leading to a stronger connection between you and your furry companion. So, what love language does your dog speak? Take a moment to observe their behavior and see which one stands out. You might find that understanding their love language will lead to more kisses, snuggles, and tail wags than ever before.

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