Using a Heavily Fragranced Shampoo is Counterproductive for Your Smelly Dog

Using a Heavily Fragranced Shampoo is Counterproductive for Your Smelly Dog

Whether your dog is playing outdoors or is soaking up that indoor life, smelly can still be a thing. I.e. your short-haired, oiler skin prone fur baby whose coat traps dirt more easily and is smelly even when she or he is clean. 

Fact or Fiction: My dog is unbearably stinky and the only solution is to use a heavily fragranced shampoo. 

Just think about this for a minute: 

  • If you have black mold in your home is spraying Febreze a true solution to getting rid of the black mold or does it just temporarily mask the smell? 
  • If your human skin is sunburned, is putting perfume on your skin a soothing option or will your skin feel that burn even more when a heavy fragrance is applied only to irritate the problem even further? 

Point: a heavily fragrant shampoo can really aggravate skin because of the synthetic ingredients in it. 

Our opinion: Heavily fragranced shampoos are only a mask to a problem and can cause more harm than good, think: long term skin irritation. We are not vets but we do know that when a dog constantly stinks, this can be a sign of a more serious issue. 

Our recommendation: some dogs simply need baths more frequently! Try our Stop and Smell Me Lavender Shampoo to combat even the strongest odor. It is our strongest natural smelling shampoo. Our Jet Set Pet Deodorizing Spray can be used in between baths as a refresher. Our products are fragranced naturally from source and will not cause aggravation. 

Our solution: seek out your vet for a consultation on what the true source of your “smelly dog” might be AND start using a naturally fragranced from source organic dog shampoo (any of Groomer And George) to stop the vicious cycle and get your furry baby on the right and healthy track to smelling and feeling much better, ASAP! 

Ingredients to watch out for: artificial fragrance. These ingredients can be linked to: cancer, immune system toxicity and allergies.



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