Human Shampoo is for Humans. Dog Shampoo is for Dogs

Human Shampoo is for Humans. Dog Shampoo is for Dogs

Just like lemon meringue pie isn't the wisest recommendation as a nutrition source for your dog, human shampoo is not the best choice in source to clean your dog with. 

Fact or Fiction:  It’s safe to use human shampoo on my dog

Our opinion: Not safe. Human shampoo contains much stronger ingredients than dog shampoo. Why? Humans and dogs have very different pH levels. pH being the skin’s acid mantle/barrier of oils that protect the skin from environmental harm. When this pH barrier is disrupted your dog may experience flakey, dehydrated, inflamed skin due to the pH imbalance. This happens because the skin is too acidic. Too potent of ingredients = skin irritation.    

Our recommendation: All of Groomer And George’s shampoos & conditioners are safe, non-toxic, gentle, preservative free, and suitable for most skin and coat types. Unlike many brands of dog shampoo who are not transparent in the disclosure of all ingredients used, Groomer And George lists all ingredients while boasting a 24-month shelf life once opened. 

If your dog has sensitive skin, or has a smelly or normal coat, we have a holistic natural solution for your needs . 

Our solution: Dogs are sensitive creatures with specific needs particular to breed. Always be sure to research and understand every ingredient you choose for both shampoo and dietary needs.

Ingredients and words to watch out for: 

  • “Fragrance”: one single scent can contain 50 to 300 distinct chemicals if not derived from its original source as Groomer And George is. 
  • Sodium laurel sulfate: this is used as an emulsifying agent and depending on its manufacturing process, is a possible carcinogen. It is also toxic to our aquatic organisms and known as an eye irritant. 
  • Cetyl Alcohol: used as an emollient can actually cause skin dryness and irritation to eyes, skin and lungs.  

Fun fact: Groomer And George was actually born out of an “oopsie” in dog shampoo itch when co-founder Candice hopped into her friend’s shower while on a business trip. She accidentally used her friend’s “organic” dog shampoo as body wash (it was before coffee!). Little did she know this ‘organic shampoo’ wasn’t organic after all hence began her quest to bring the highest quality dog shampoo to market at last.


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