The Reason You Need to Use More Shampoo Sometimes Than Others

The Reason You Need to Use More Shampoo Sometimes Than Others

It doesn't matter what your bathe-style is, dilution or straight application, what really matters when it comes to the amount of product you're going to use is type of water: hard or soft. 

Fact or Fiction: Does the amount of shampoo you use depend on whether you have hard or soft water?

Our opinion: Yes! Type of water makes all the difference in the amount of shampoo you use, and whether or not you really need a conditioner for your dog’s coat. If your water is ultra hard you are definitely going to want to use a conditioner because hard water contains more minerals (calcium and magnesium) than soft water does. With a high mineral concentration in water more shampoo is required to create a lather. This also true when adding liquid soap to your washing machine or dishwasher!  

Our recommendation: Geographically, should you have harder water consider direct application of our product or consider diluting the product less. For medium to longer haired coats we absolutely recommend one of our conditioners! Generally Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba have what is considered very hard water. 

Our solution: Groomer and George’s shampoo and conditioner base is made with something called structure water. Structured water amplifies the natural ingredients in our products promoting hydration promoting cell proper function throughout the body. Think of the base property that our products are created out of as an extra infusion of hydration.


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