Getting to Know Your Dog's Preferences: Trial & Error

Getting to Know Your Dog's Preferences: Trial & Error

As a dog parent, it can be a journey of discovery introducing new things to your furry best friend. When you and your dog are first getting to know one another, you don’t know their likes and dislikes immediately. Part of the process, especially in the beginning, is taking the time to discover what works for them! Yes for them, not you :) This journey of discovery includes food and treats, toys, blankets, and even shampoo! Dogs can be incredibly sensitive to smell (read this article for further detail) and bathing your dog with a stronger fragranced product may very well be a dislike. If your dog is “squirming” in the bath, it may not be that they dislike having a bath; it could very well be that they have an intolerance to a heavily fragranced smell. Cue any of Groomer And George’s safe, non-toxic, cruelty-free, high performance, 100% organic dog shampoo and conditioner. 

Choosing Treats & Toys

When selecting treats or toys for your pup, make sure you read the label carefully and select something appropriate for their size. Remember that small pieces of toys or treats are choking hazards! We know you know, we are just reminding you. Many small toys have buttons and such, and hence, just a reminder to always check for loose parts/pieces on favorite stuffies. Also consider the materials used in the product. Some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials such as plastic and rubber, or even synthetic fiber (material). Take note of how long it takes your pup to destroy the toy. Durable toys will last longer than soft toys that rip easily; however, if your pup loves destroying stuffed animals then there are plenty of durable stuffing-free options available as well!

Selecting Food & Treats

When selecting food for your pup, make sure you read the label carefully to ensure it is appropriate for their age, size, breed and activity level. For more on choosing food, read this (we are passionate about feeding around here!). Don’t forget about treats too! Just like with toys, make sure you read labels carefully so you know exactly what is going into their bodies. If you are unsure about an ingredient or unsure if a product is suitable for your pup—ask questions! Many pet store owners are knowledgeable in this area and can point you in the right direction when selecting foods or treats.

Bathtime & Grooming

When selecting grooming products for your pup make sure you read labels carefully so that you know exactly what is in them. Many product may “seem clean” when in reality there is plenty of greenwashing that goes on - meaning: the ingredients may seem harmless, although when combined into a finished product, those once “fine” ingredients have cranked up the intensity to become that of dangerous chemically, dare we say toxic, to a degree. Some dogs can be sensitive to ingredients found in shampoos and other grooming products such as fragrances or chemical compounds so choose something natural when possible. Groomer And George is proud to disclose all of our ingredients on our website; nothing is hidden and we have your best furry mate’s best interest in mind. Also to note: ensure whatever product you choose is also suitable for your pups coat type; some breeds require special shampoos such as those formulated specifically for double coats while others need something lighter such as a hypoallergenic shampoo designed specifically for sensitive skinned pups. Some need both shampoo and conditioner, others not. Also think to oily, dry or normal skin type. Have a question about what type of shampoo is best for your dog? Email us anytime:

Taking the time to get to know what works best for both you and your pup will help create a bond between the two of you by allowing each of you to express yourselves through trial and error while finding out what works best together! Whether it’s discovering which toys they love playing with most or which shampoos give them their fluffy, shiny, fresh and clean coat - this journey of getting acquainted with one another should be filled with fun experiences along the way - because at the end of the day, we all want our beloved pets feel comfortable enough around us that they would pick us out from a room full of strangers without hesitation!


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