Do You Know Your Dog's Love Language? Spoiler: It's Not Treats!

Do You Know Your Dog's Love Language? Spoiler: It's Not Treats!

Is your dog not “listening” to you? You may think that you’re giving your dog clear instructions or commands, but are you being as expressive with your whole being as you could be? Groomer And George’s philosophy focuses on whole-health and well-being for their furry friends. A huge part of our ethos is healthy communication and rapport between pet parents and their angel baby, four-legged companions. The key here: expressing yourself (that which you wish to communicate with your dog) in the language your dog understands (body and eye contact) this - can help encourage them to engage with you and take action. 

Body Language Basics

When we talk about body language, we often refer to it as a form of nonverbal communication. This means that instead of using words, you use physical cues in order to communicate with another person or animal. When it comes to communicating with your dog, this kind of body language can go a long way. Dogs understand us better than we think they do — they are masters at reading our facial expressions, body postures, and even our tone of voice! By utilizing these cues when talking to your pup, you can easily get them to understand what it is that you would like from them (a request).  

Using Positive Reinforcement

One way to make use of body language when communicating with your pup is by using positive reinforcement. Did somebody say treat?! :) This means providing your dog with rewards (a treat, hugs, kisses, cuddles, positive acknowledgement) when they do something good — like sitting down on command or coming back when called. By providing positive reinforcement in the form of verbal praise, love or treats, dogs will learn quickly what behaviors are expected from them and which ones aren’t acceptable. Who are we kidding though, our dogs ALL have great manners! Additionally, positive reinforcement encourages your pup to continue repeating those good behaviors because they know there will be something in it for them! Nothing we love more than setting our furry besties up for a win.         

Eye Contact Matters Too 

Eye contact is also an important form of communication between people (and animals). When speaking with someone (or a pup), maintaining eye contact helps create trust between two parties while also showing respect for one another. In fact, many experts believe that avoiding eye contact can actually lead to aggression from both humans and animals — so it’s best not to do this if possible! For dogs specifically, making eye contact with them shows that you have taken the time to really listen and understand what it is they are saying without speaking any words at all! They don’t call it puppy love for nothing <3.  

At Groomer And George we believe in whole health – mind, body & soul – for both pets and their owners alike. That includes having healthy communication between human-dogs too! While verbal commands may seem like the most logical way of getting our furry friends to listen up, don’t forget about the power of body language – including eye contact – too! Give your pup a chance by speaking in their love-language instead of just speaking in yours (words). Your relationship will thank you for it later. With love, Groomer And George, because we love your dog too!

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