Is Dog Dry Shampoo Actually a Good Alternative to Washing Your Dog?

Is Dog Dry Shampoo Actually a Good Alternative to Washing Your Dog?

Welcome to your Monday Minute with Groomer And George! 

Each week on Monday we will be sharing a little fact or fiction to support you making the best choices for your furry companions. Feel free to leave a comment below, say hello and ask any questions you may have! A super hot topic we’ve noticed is dry shampoo hence, today’s fact or fiction topic. 

You know that feeling when your scalp is so itchy from product build-up and all you is a good scalp rub and a proper clean? That's what we're talking about. 

Fact or Fiction: Dry shampoo is a healthy alternative to washing your dog regularly. 

Our opinion: Hand sanitizer is a great option but washing your hands is the best option. Kind of like a deodorizing spray is “great” and dry shampoo is “ok” but neither are a substitute for a true wash with soap and water.  

Our recommendation: In between washes we recommend our Jet Set Pet Detangling & Deodorizing Spray. The sage, lavender and aloe vera in Jet Set Pet help will help balance your dog’s oil production. This spray won’t absorb excess oil but it will reduce the overproduction of oil build-up with continued use.   

If your dog is overly oily and has psoriasis like symptoms (thinking back to our former bulldog Lola, RIP), the cause could be grooming or diet related. Check with your vet to ensure best treatment long term.  

Our solution: any one of our Groomer and George shampoos + water are perfect to keep your dog healthy, clean and with nourished skin. Our shampoos are gentle enough for most skin & coat types, are holistic and non-medicinal.  

Ingredients to watch out for: talc, DMDM HYDANTOIN, artificial fragrance, ammonium ethyl sulfate, cocamide DEA. These ingredients are linked to: cancer, immune system toxicity and allergies.


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