Groomer And George is the brainchild of Co-Founder's Candice Zerb and Sloan Lauinger, two dog lovers and conscious product connoisseurs who know their way around an ingredient label. 

When Candice shared her idea with Sloan in early 2018 after Candice accidentally washed herself with dog shampoo in her dear friend's shower - itching beyond belief thereafter, the duo who have known each other for 10 years joined forces to bring you Groomer And George today and what the brand is becoming.

Their vision is all about transformation and is anything but your average puppy shampoo.

The pair who are passionate about animal and environmental welfare are on a mission to educate dog guardians on the importance of ingredients and proper grooming care, and to positively change your way of being around sustainability. Healthy dogs live longer and are happier. Our oceans and the planet more unscathed will breathe life better for generations to come. 

Sloan and Candice make for the perfect pairing. Candice has a 22 year history as a salon owner, international stylist and educator whose unparalleled product knowledge will rival any. Sloan has a 17 year history as a creator & consultant in business strategy whose joy is connection (and creating!). 
It was friends at first sight for the two style-loving, eco-luxe and dog-obsessed only children which over the time has evolved into partnership in business, and family. One might love her workout classes and the other sweats it out solo but they continuously meet in the middle on experiences and relationships being everything. 
Groomer And George is named for "Curious Georgie", Candice's late Maltese. Read more on how G And G came to be in Candice's transparent (and humorous) words here.  From all of us at Groomer And George we do hope you enjoy!