What Floor Cleaner Is Your Dog Licking Off Their Paws?

What Floor Cleaner Is Your Dog Licking Off Their Paws?

There are many hidden toxins within a number of things in our homes that can make our furry family members (and ourself) sick if we aren’t careful about our choices. Today let's chat household cleaners with a focus on floors, since our fur children spend their lives on all fours on the floor - when not dominating our furniture and our beds, of course!

Stating the obvious, our dogs (and cats) aren’t strutting around the house with socks or shoes on. They are pawing their way around their domain with their gentle padded paws. Paws that they LICK. Think about whatever you put on your floor (cleaning supplies and anything you carry in from the outside), consider it a likelihood to make it onto their paws and possibly into their mouth. As pet guardians and parents, we must act with diligence and responsibility for our furry angel’s safety.

Back to your floors. Have you ever given a thought about what you are cleaning your floors with? Sure you want to cut the grime and rid the outside world off of your indoor floors (think about all the nastiness your shoes carry, honestly) but not at the expense of causing your dog’s health to take a nosedive. Only in recent years have cleaning products become “cleaner” or more “earth friendly” or “natural”. But - not all of those “natural products" on the market are safe ones for your dog (or cat) to be licking their paws from. Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

It’s pretty clear that certain cleaners can be harmful to our pets, but some natural cleaning products can be dangerous too. Take tea tree oil, for example, which is used as a natural cleaning product and is known to have many positive benefits, but excessive use of this oil can lead to severe poisoning of our furry friends. Even a mere 7 drops of the concentrated oil can be toxic and result in severe illness. Usage of 10-20 ml of 100% oil has resulted in poisoning and death in both dogs and cats. 

Reminder: our furry family members come in contact with the floors more than we do, and their paws are sensitive to cleaning agents' reactions! Hence, we need to be mindful of the cleaning agents we use in our homes.

One of the most effective ways to clean your floors without harming your furry ones is to use distilled white vinegar and add drops of lavender essential oil. This natural cleaning solution is safe to use around pets and leaves a refreshing aroma without any side effects. Not only is it safe for your furry family members, but it is also safe for your other family members and the environment. One of our favorite essential oil companies is Vitruvi! Hit them up for any of your essential oil needs and, be sure the do your research on which essential oils are dog (and cat) friendly.

All of Groomer And George's products (shampoo, conditioner and deodorizer & detangling spray) are naturally fragranced from source AND use essential oils that are safe for use on dogs. The ONE product we have that is safe for cats is our I'm Sensitive Unscented Shampoo for Cats & Dogs. 

Back to house hold cleaning agents that are not dog safe and earth friendly. A few brands we can get down with in the clean, sustainable and dog-friendly department are: Branch Basics and Common Good. Each has home starter packs, refills, and fulfill all home cleaning needs purposes. 

The punchline of today’s message is mindfulness in all ways, shapes and forms ~ this time, with your pet’s safety and health at the forefront. Healthy dogs live longer, happier lives! ~ and that’s what we are here to support you becoming educated on with each insight we share. So the next time you reach out for cleaning agents, choose one that is safe and non-toxic for your furry family members. Opt for natural cleaning products like distilled white vinegar and lavender essential oils or go for eco-friendly cleaning agents available in the market. Do your own research always ~ and again, we are true fans of Branch Basics and Common Good in this category. Your furry family members will thank you for it in every little way they can!

With Love, Groomer And George


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