The Importance of Bonding With Your Babies: Part One

The Importance of Bonding With Your Babies: Part One

Having a strong bond with your dog and taking care of their emotional health is one of the best things you can do to give your pup a longer, happier life. And don't we all want our dogs to live long, healthy and happy lives :) !? Dogs are social animals who need love, attention, and playtime to stay happy and healthy. We count bath time as key quality time contributing to that happy, healthy lifestyle. Spending quality time with your baby through evening brushes, massages or bathing is just as an important part of this bonding experience that contributes to a more relaxed temperament as their daily walks are. 

Needless to say, grooming and bathing your furry family member is an essential part of caring for your pet's wellbeing! Not only does it ensure your dog is free of fleas and other pests, but it also keeps their coat in good condition and reduces the chances of matting. If you have a medium to longer haired coat fur baby, you know matting can be a real thing even when you're doing your best to keep those mats at bay!

Regular brushing stimulates the natural oils in your dog's fur, making it softer and more glossy while also preventing skin problems like dryness or itchiness. If your dog is itchy, shop Groomer And George's Stop And Smell Me Lavender Shampoo and I'm Knotty Lavender Conditioner (can also be shopped as a duo for additional savings). If your dog's skin is dry, choose our Love Me Bathe Me Orange and Oatmeal for additional hydration and nourishment. A bonus to brushing: many dogs find the calming sensation from being brushed soothing and enjoyable! And of course, there's nothing quite like those post-bath cuddles that come from having a clean and fresh-smelling pup!

Healthy dogs who aren't exposed to toxic products live longer– it's as simple as that. That's why using 100% organic toxin-free shampoos during bath time is so important for both your pet's physical health as well as their mental wellbeing. Groomer And George's natural products are not only gentle on their skin and fur but also contain calming ingredients like lavender or chamomile to help reduce stress during bath time.

Bonding with dogs doesn't just mean playtime or cuddles; caretaking activities such as grooming are just as important when it comes to developing trust between you two. Taking the time to show them how much you care by dedicating regular grooming sessions helps create a loving relationship between you two which will last a lifetime! In addition to reducing stress levels in both of you, these moments can become special memory markers for years to come – all thanks to spending quality time together!

For the best bath time companion around shop any of Groomer And George’s pet and planet friendly, high performance dog shampoo and skincare. 


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