The Big Problem With Flushing Pet Waste Down The Toilet

The Big Problem With Flushing Pet Waste Down The Toilet

Many of us are aware that what gets washed down the drain; the kitchen sink, our bath water, shower, and anything we wash outside that immediately hits the soil, eventually ends up in our waterways. This includes what you wash your dog with. Fortunately, all Groomer And George shampoo and conditioner use ingredients that are 100% biodegradable, meaning there are zero chemicals in our product that will pollute our waterways. 

Which brings us to our topic du jour: flushing things down the drain, or in this case, flushing dog and cat #2 (if you know what we mean) down the toilet. Smart idea? One would think, but no it’s actually not the best for the environment. 

So what’s the big problem with flushing your dog or cat's waste down the toilet after cleaning the litter box or if your dog had an accident in the house? The issue is the way in which this waste does not harmonize with living species in our water. 

Cat feces contains a Toxoplasma Gondi which is a parasite known to kill our sea otters. This parasite is not killed in sewage treatment. Dog waste on the other hand contains phosphorus and nitrogen which depletes oxygen that marine life needs to survive. This is especially true in the summer which also causes the growth of algae. 

It may seem convenient to flush things down the toilet, but we need to respect how it affects our water ways. Instead of flushing any of your pet waste down the drain simply walk it outside and use it as fertilizer. Also to note: please use compostable bags as opposed to plastic when you are picking up puppy poop. Our favorite doggy doo bags come from Earth’s Rated

Thank you for taking the time to read this unsexy topic and to reconsider this one thing that does indeed make a big stinkin’ difference in our ecosystem. Pun intended :) 


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