Nothing is By Accident!

Nothing is By Accident!
“No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.” - Edward Hopper

There are many a great thing invented by accident, and many inventions that have changed our world. I've not invented a light bulb, though my bright idea of Groomer & George did come to me by accident. With our mission of respect for the environment and community, Groomer & George, and our voice, will help change how we treat our planet and our pets.

I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years. It was in my last job whilst on a business trip during my stay at a friends house that I stepped into the guest room shower early one morning without a coffee, blinded without contact lenses forgetting my shower gel. It was in that moment I noticed there was an aloe based organic wash in the shower - according to what I could make out on the label, that is! The product wasn’t great in lather nor did I feel that clean, and it left my skin felt dry. I cheekily commented to my friend that his hippie body wash wasn’t very good. He laughed at me and said, “there’s no body wash in there, just Hoya’s shampoo. I bathe her in that bathroom". For context, Hoya is over 100 pounds and is an Argentinian Mastiff.

Yes, that’s right! I was dressed in designer clothes, my Balenciaga in hand, heading out the door in stilettos, and had just learned I wash myself with dog shampoo!

This got me thinking... How can a dog shampoo make my skin this dry? During the time this "dog wash experience in the guest shower" happened, the beauty business trend was organic products. Everyone wanted to know how "sustainable the packaging was", and "how clean" and what the ingredients in the products are.

Having a strong ingredient understanding in human shampoos, 20 years a professional stylist, I began to research dog shampoos. I was shocked at the ingredients! I never wanted my dog bathed with these chemicals ever again! I also began to look at the marketing and information relayed to the consumer on dog and this area was lacking compared to human cosmetics.

With the intention of creating an amazing grooming line for dogs that was not made in my kitchen, Groomer & George was born! Each of our products are in fact so amazing you can use them on yourself. With the name inspired by my late dog "Curious Georgie", we are so excited to share this formulation with world!

Groomer & George will not hurt your dog or our planet and our “do something great” will be us giving back to animal and environmental causes as our community philanthropy. 

x, Candice


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