File Under Preventative: this Chic & Functional Nutrition Staple for Optimal Gut Health

File Under Preventative: this Chic & Functional Nutrition Staple for Optimal Gut Health

We are a big fan of prevention instead of fixing issues after the fact. What are we talking about? A proper probiotic to add to your dog's nutrition plan. Food, if you will. 

Probiotics are not just for humans! Probiotics are vital to proper gut health and are one of the easiest supplements you can add to your dog’s diet that will strengthen their immune system. Stronger immune systems prevent pathogens from taking hold and causing major disease. The release of anti-inflammatory substances of probiotics can also help relieve itchiness from allergies. 

What to shop when choices are vast? 

There are many different probiotic forms on the market. Our favourite is the milks! Yes, actual milk. If you are feeding your dog kibble or freeze-dried food diet, a goat or sheep is a great way to hydrate your kibble or freeze dried. As the biological clock starts ticking and your dog keeps adding to their birthday count (aging) it can be harder for them to digest kibble. Solution: a milk chock full of probiotics is great to support their GI tract! 

So, what is the difference between cow’s milk and sheep or goat? 

Goat AND sheep milk are higher in calories and protein than cow’s milk. Goat and sheep milk also contain far less lactose, and - it's unpasteurized meaning  it contains good bacteria and the bad.  With goat and sheep milk as your probiotic and being higher in calories, it is not good for dogs with Pancreatitis and should never exceed 10% of your dog’s diet. 

Try serving goat or sheep milk by freezing it individually in an ice cube tray for a yummy summer treat! #WOOF


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