The SPF Equivalent for Your Dog's Summer Coat

The SPF Equivalent for Your Dog's Summer Coat

It’s that time of year again—time to get your pup ready for the summer sun! Whether your furry baby is playing in the backyard or running around at the beach, making sure your pup is properly groomed and protected from sun damage is essential.

One key factor in keeping your pup looking and feeling their best, AND staying protected from that hot summer sun? Conditioner! Who would have thought - but it does make sense. Read on to learn more about why conditioner is good for your dog’s skin and coat, particularly for those dogs with medium to long coats and especially during the summer months.

Think about your human hair when it’s not properly conditioned: it becomes dry and brittle, it breaks off - it’s actually painful! Like us humans, use of conditioner keeps your dog's coat soft and helps protect your dog's coat from breakage, especially when it's drying naturally either in heat & natural sun during the summer months or with the heat in our homes during the winter.

We tend to think that conditioner moisturizes and helps us detangle a furry coat when in drying-mode post bath. True, it does. Our conditioner is a fan-favorite in detangling and deodorizing all in one. But - the true magic is that conditioner also adds a layer of moisturizing oils onto the shaft of each hair which helps maintain an easy to brush coat, specifically for dogs who require regular brushing. Aka our Maltese babies who are prone to tangles because they play so hard outside in the elements! We recommend either of our two organic luxury dog conditioners that are pet and planet friendly, high performance and made with top quality ingredients 1) Pet Me I'm Soft Unscented Conditioner and 2) I'm Knotty Lavender Conditioner. All Groomer And George dog shampoo and conditioners are safe and non-medicinal so you can rest assured that it will keep your pup looking their best without any harsh chemicals or ingredients (ever)!

For best results, particularly with dogs who have medium to long coats, use conditioner on your pup about once every two weeks. Start by doing a double-wash (shampoo) followed up by a conditioner and thorough rinse. Of course, feel free to wash as frequently as you wish while being mindful of the condition of your dog's skin. 

Stating the possibly not so obvious (we’ve got your back on the details!) —conditioners are key when it comes to protecting and maintaining a healthy coat on your pup this summer! Regularly washing and conditioning with products like Groomer And George's ultra gentle trio of shampoo and choice of 2 conditioner to chose from is essential if you want them looking their best all season long. So go ahead and give them some extra love this summer—they deserve it and so do you. One of our claim to fame is ease of use, i.e. easy to lather and rinse. 

Knowing what you know now, you can properly prep your dog care kit for ALL THE SUMMER FUN ahead! You know where to find us! We'll be at the beach! Conditioner is key in keeping soft, moisturized locks from the summer heat breakage. 

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