Short Coat

Who? Bulldog varietals, Pug, Boxer, Chihuahua, 

Groomer & George Recommends:

Any of our shampoos. Puppy Love Smell Good Deodorizing Wash (lavender), Love Me Bathe Me Collagen Wash (orange & oatmeal) or I'm Sensitive Hypoallergenic Wash.  


If your dog is smelly, use our Puppy Love Smell Good Deodorizing Wash as the lavender will help with minimizing odor and refreshing your dog’s natural scent. The lavender is also great for healing skin conditions as it acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-dermatitis and antiseptic. Lavender is also a natural flea, tick and bug repellent. If your dog has allergies, use our I'm Sensitive Hypoallergenic WashIf your dog tends to scratch a lot, use our Love Me Bathe Me Collagen Wash as the orange oil and oatmeal will soothe and support dry, sore skin. 


Tips on Keeping Coat Fresh and Clean:

Brush often if prone to matting. Shampoo and condition based on water and climate type. Click here to read more on water, climate and bathing schedule (blog post). 


Why does water type and climate matter? 

Similar to your (human) skin and hair, depending on whether water is hard or soft, and also depending on whether the climate is dry/cold, dry/hot, humid/hot, humid/cold, humid, etc. (you get the picture), THESE FACTORS will play into how often you bathe your dog and which products will create the biggest positive impact in outcome. I.e. do you live by the sea, do you live by the mountains, do you live in the interior? Is it winter or perpetually summer? Jump here to read further.